What more can I say...

For the most part, I've been completely obsessed and in slack-jawed awe of the tumblr All Things Stylish this week. The trick at this point is going to be how to contain my enthusiasm for this stunning and inspirational blog, such that Ooh La La Du Jour doesn't just become a second version of it. So kids, I am going to put my faith in trust in you to check this beauty every single day. I'll try to limit references to it from here on in, but it will be impossible for me not to express my enthusiasm for it, now and again. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the entries from today. Who doesn't aspire to owning a well-worn Moleskine like this...or to being Sofia (above)? And thank you to the people behind this tumblr...it has given me a second wind for blogging and a renewed faith in all that is fabulous in life.

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