Hello Friday...where have you been all my life :)

Whoa...3:30 and I am just getting a chance to post. Tells you a little bit about how all over that map this day has been. Well, for one thing, my department is now down to one...me! Well, me and my 2 student workers if you want me to be totally accurate. The dept. head is at ALA in New Orleans and my other colleague is taking a much deserved vacation so I am holding down the fort. I have to tell you...it's kind of lovely :) As this day has been. Why you ask? Well, any day that begins with me getting a ticket to Key Largo is pretty much the best day ever!! I can hardly wait to get down to that gorgeousness. 

Speaking of gorgeousness...I think this print from the Etsy shop Studio Eighty, pretty much says it all.

Have the loveliest of lovely weekends kids. Back at it on Monday :)


  1. Key Largo??? TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! Or at least have some Key Lime pie for me!

  2. LOVE it!!! so glad you found time to get away! and this time, DON'T change plans!!! set in stone!

  3. No way!! No this time KJ. Ticket has been purchased and no one and nothing is keeping me from the Keys!

    JP...come with meeeeeee!!!!!