A look back...Ad campaigns of the 90's

Blogspot is super wonky today. I can't seem to post any pictures...but I also just can't let this go. Fashionista has an absolutely awesome post today on their favorite fashion ad campaigns of the 90's. Check out their post and be prepared to wax nostaligic for this era in fashion. Genius.

(I'll post a pic as soon as I can...this post looks positively naked without one :)

Update: back in business with this Versace ad. Wow.


  1. love this because i remember each and every one of those ads!!!! the ads from that decade were some of the absolute best...so inspiring....and they are so sadly missed....ads haven't been the same in a very very long while. miss the 90s!...maybe as much as i feel nostalgic for the 80s. :)

  2. Boy KJ, I am glad you said that because I am super nostalgic for the 90's...for lost of reasons (that's when we met!!) but certainly for the fashion ads. Man, what happened to the talented people who came up with the gorgeous campaigns? Was it the models, the clothes, the photographers (this particular one was done by Richard Avedon of all people)...or was it the brilliant people who came up with the campaigns. Every once in a while you see a nice one today...but not one that touches any of these.