My weekend of shopping

When last I left you (actually, it was last Friday), I had a foot out the door to begin the Memorial Day weekend. I got out a hair earlier and with the weather being so stupid that day, I decided to get some shopping in. OK so nothing I got was mega-exciting but I do love that I barely spent 100 bucks and I got 5 shirts, a beautiful summer scarf (at LL Bean), a dress at Old Navy (6 bucks) and some adorable Bass sandals. I try not to feel to guilty when I shop. After all I love it and I really don't do it that often...but I do hate overspending so when I get a bunch of good deals (40% off sale at the Gap over the weekend!!!) I can't help but love shopping even more. I mean anyone can just go out there and throw money around...the art is in the hunt for a bargain :)
Bass Joanne sandals...super comfortable and affordable!
Tees @ the Gap...orginally $20, marked down to $10...additional 40% off! I got 3 in beautiful colors!
I got this summer (Old Navy) dress in black. Love it! (Oh and did I mention it was $6? I did? Well, let me just say it again...$6!!!)

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