America's Birthday -Getting ready for the 4th!

OK kids...are you getting ready for the long and lovely holiday weekend? What are your plans? Big or small, definitely get out there and enjoy one of my favorite holidays of the year. Just by virtue of being a summer holiday, the 4th is a fave. Plus it's a chance to enjoy some (hopefully) gorgeous weather and say HBD to the USA!! I'm already flying old glory at my house...how about you?
These red, white and blue lanterns from Target are such a festive way to celebrate!
The great grill debate continues at my house (charcoal or propane) so in the meantime, I bought this fabulous little Weber Smokey Joe. It gets the job done and is adorable to boot!
You already know that I love potato salad. Check out this recipe that uses 'red', 'white' and 'blue' potatoes. Mmmmm...

And to round out your 4th celebration, Everybody Loves Sandwiches has a super post on summer salads. Each one looks more delicious than the next!   Hooray for the 4th!!!!


  1. awesome! and i love weber grills...the old school variety.. we have one.... i heard a good description recently..if you have one of those tricked out grills you're basically just cooking 'outside'...stay with the real stuff! :)
    we have a huge neighborhood fireworks tomorrow night, which we have front row seats to since the event is a stone's throw away...and we're having a bbq too! cannot wait for the long holiday.... i hope you have a great one, katie!!!

  2. OK ... a big THANK YOU !! That is for verifying what I have thought all along about grilling...it simply must be done with charcoal (and particularly on a Weber). The only plus of a gas grill is that they are easy (or fast) ... other than that, I see no reason to get one. They are generally eye sores to look at, they are more expensive and for the last time...nothing beats the taste of charcoal. I may graduate from my little smokey joe to the large version just based on your thumbs up KJ!

    As for your plans, they sound fabulous! How much do you love this holiday...I love it a lot! Let me know how Jack likes the fireworks and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)