Random weekend...or...what happens when all your plans fall through :)

Hi all! Here we are...right back at it this Monday am. This was one of those weird weekends that was supposed to be way more interesting than it ended up being...oh well. That's the way it goes. First, I was supposed to be in Key Largo...then I was supposed to be in NYC...then I would have loved to go to Jack's 1st birthday party...and in the end, I just stayed in Rochester :) Chris and I took our usual long, Sunday walk. The biggest difference this time was that he brought his camera. Can I tell you, I've been waiting 15 years for him to get back to photographing regularly...it was a joy to see.
On our way, we ran into some wonderful friends and their adorable pit bull, Coco (I call her Coco Chanel, of course). This little dog could not be sweeter. Poor pit bulls..they have such a tough reputation. As Laura said, it warms my heart when nice people adopt them. Seeing her just made my day!

Saturday I did some*fun* shopping. Laura tipped me off to this body mist from Dove. I'm totally addicted. What a great alternative to perfume during the summer!

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