Guest Post by....Jack!...Happy Birthday to my Auntie Katie!!!

Auntie Katie...Would you like a nectarine?

Imagining what Auntie Katie's cake will taste like!
Ga..Ga...Ga..Ga... (Translation:  This is a guest post by Jack)

Happy happy (early) birthday to my favorite Auntie in the whole world!  I'm not sure what time I'll be getting up tomorrow,which is Auntie Katie's real birthday...or when I'll be taking my naps so I thought I'd be diligent and get this post done today!  I know, I'm brilliant for a 12 month old.  But enough about me....

I hope you have the greatest day ever (just like Spongebob!)....Mommy tells me you are the absolute best when it comes to good conversation, stylish fashion tips, and all around wicked good personality! I agree 110%!!!

I think we all should celebrate (with cake!!!)because life sure would be dull without you in our lives....

So I hope you have a great day and heck!....why not celebrate the whole week as your Birthday Week..just like my mommy likes to do???!!!!  You deserve it! 

We love you SO SO SO much!!!

i love you...
yours truly,

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  1. Oh Jack! Thank you so much for this fabulous post. It just might be one of my favorite of all time. Your mom might be just a little too kind when she tells you about me. One things she is not wrong about is how much I already adore you and cannot wait to meet you.

    Love you always