The critical shopper

Hehehe...I have to admit that I chuckled out loud at the 'Critical Shopper' column in today's NY Times. Why? Well, the writer takes on Madewell, a retailer I've had an on-again-off-again interest in. Admittedly, I've never been in a Madwell store (not one for 200 miles of this place) and the only thing I have ever purchased from them is a gift card (for my sister, who used it to buy some adorable espadrilles last year). Outside of that, my only experience has been the website, the infinite articles about Alexa Chung and the JCrew connection. So now that it's had a year or 2 to sink in, I have to say...man, I still don't get the fascination. Thank heavens, I'm in good company...check out the article and read for your self :)

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