Hey Katiep! Stop being such a drip :)

Here is it...the 2nd day of my absolute favorite month of the year and what am I all about...being in a bad mood. Geez. What on earth is wrong with me? June is wonderful for about one million reasons...but here are just a few I obviously need to remind myself of :)  First...who doesn't love that the first Friday of June is 'National Donut Day'. Get yourself to a Dunkin Donuts tomorrow and you'll get a free donut with your drink purchase. Fantastic!
Ah...National Running Day...awesome. Get your booty out there! Run around the block...run for a mile...run 10 miles...you'll feel great!
This weekend in Rochester, we  have the Greek Festival. You know, I've been going to Greek Festivals my whole life...I rag on them but they always put me in a good mood.  A little food...a little wine...a Greek coffee and some loukoumades...come on...what's not to like :)
And if all that wasn't enough...my dear friend Kris and I decided that, as of yesterday, we are kicking off 'Birthday Month'. Let's see, my birthday is June 21, Laura's is June 19 ... so is Kris' (and my dad's). KJ's son Jack has a birthday on June 13...not to mention about 10 other people It just makes sense to celebrate the whole month...don't you think? Anyway, Kris and I are officially kicking it off this Saturday with 'Fight Night' at her house (she has a ridiculously awesome tv) ...pizza, wings (a Canadian beer battle in the making) and lots of laugh.

*Yummy cake print by Alice in Paris

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