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...comes from the somewhat maligned, yet always brilliant Scott Schuman of  'The Sartorialist'. Actually the shot above is not from his post today ('Fashion above the neck'), which features two pics...one which is new and one that's been on the blog before. To be honest, I wasn't that excited about the new shot and the shot that previously appeared on his blog, is one that's been featured on this blog already, too. Not that I'm against posting anything twice...but...oh my gosh...now I am just rambling :)

Anyway, you must must MUST read his post today because, as always, the man is spot on. He just understands personal style better than anyone out there (with the possible exception of Bill Cunningham) which is why, like it or not...he's so fabulous. Why do I love the post so much? Easy. He totally justifies spending money on a great hair cut. Since I committed to short hair over a year ago, I have learned one thing...it ain't cheap. Especially when you have hair like mine...that is, hair that just grows like mad. I now have to get it cut every four weeks and at $70 a pop (including the color) well, it's a stretch. But after reading this post...all I have to say is, bless you Mr. Schuman...for staving the guilt off...for now :) And really, the post is about much more than a good hair cut...but that bit was certainly not lost on me.

*I don't know where this image is from...I found it on Google images and I think it's magnificent!

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