i heart paris

Don't you love it when a ho hum kinda day turns into a great day??!!! Well, I take that back...any day with Jack is a fun day (!), but what I didn't expect was that I'd see a fantastically nostalgic film about Paris....
Have you seen Midnight in Paris
If you love love love Paris as much as I do and you haven't seen this film.....well, I'd suggest you stroll down to your nearest theatre and check it out..pronto!

The opening montage is so yummy that it leaves you panting for more gorgeous footage of Paris as the main character.  Those several minutes were the absolute best....Woody Allen seems to have a serious love for the City of Light and it definitely shows throughout this film...and I even found Owen Wilson endearing. 
Don't you love it when a movie takes you to your favorite spots...and it leaves you longing to be right there...right now???  I love that feeling. 

Tonight was also the first night B & I went out to a movie (or practically anything at night!) since Jack's come home....it was nice.  But what I thought throughout was how much Jack would enjoy Paris (OK...let's face it...how much I'd enjoy Paris with Jack!) and how I cannot wait to introduce him to my absolute favorite city in the world! 

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  1. One more thing to add to this weekend's 'to do' list. See this film!!