Scenes from 'birthday week'

These pics are a little late in coming but I finally got a chance to get them off my phone and on to this blog. So birthday week started Sunday with the big 'Birthday BBQ'. Tons of food, great friends and perfect weather (not to mention an adorable dog...do you see him in there ... he's a big one) made for an absolutely lovely day.
Lots of birthday flowers and cards from dear friends.
On my actual birthday (I had to work) my wonderful, amazing mom, sent a surprise gift of cake and balloons for me and my colleagues to enjoy. Such a great treat! (By the way, the Wegmans cake...insanely delicious).
Finally, Chris taking a nap on the deck...after all the grilling (and eating) it was well deserved :)


  1. i love this post and what i loved most was the cool cake/balloons from your mom!!!! awesome!

    you so deserve all of this and so much more....


  2. Thank you KJ!!! And I am totally with you...how adorable was it of my mom to send cake and balloons! It was such a treat...for all of us!

    The funniest thing was, as happy as I know she was that I loved the surprise, I think her favorite part as ordering from Wegmans :)