Decisions, decisions

Ray-Ban 4140
For my birthday, Laura gave me a way-too generous gift card to the all-time greatest site in the world, Zappos. I don't know what it is about gift cards but I labor over using them in the worst way. Way more than if I was spending my own money. I love them so much and I desperately don't want to make a mistake with someone's hard earned money...plus they are such a rare and wonderful treat (well, maybe not that rare...but they are wonderful). 

Anyway, after days now of trying to decide how to spend this treasure, I've at least narrowed the choice down to awesome, classic Ray-Ban's. But which ones? I've had my eye the 4141 style for a year now...but then along came the 'Vagabond'. What to do :)


  1. That's vote no. 2 for Vagabond JP! You and Laura agree! I guess it's a done deal then! Many thanks for the advice!