Indulging my inner beach bum

I'll spare you the details but suffice it to say...I don't feel that great today. Ick. That said, I desperately need some inspiration to get through this day so where did I go immediately...why the tumblr All Things Stylish of course. One more of the seemingly infinite reasons I adore this tumblr...the creators seem to draw lots of inspiration from the beach...and you all know how I feel about the beach :) Here are a few images I pulled off their site which I find myself returning to gaze at time and time again...to find out who produced the work and where it came from, please visit their amazing blog. I am feeling a little better already :)
John John @ the beach
The iconic Eden Roc
The classic documentary
Beach beauty


  1. These images make me want to take a taxi to the airport and get on the first plane to Miami, RIGHT NOW.