Hello my dears!  It is 12:04 AM on Sunday and I haven't gone to bed yet....I know I will dearly pay for this in the AM, but what the hey!  It's kinda nice staying up late---something I rarely do these days, since my baby thinks he has to get up each morning at 6am (even on weekends!). 
This post probably belongs in my baby blog, but I thought I'd post it since it has more to do with fashion...
At this point I think Jack has surpassed his mom in having the most clothes in our household!
It's true. 
We  I shop a lot for this 11month old.  Who knew it was this much fun shopping for boys clothing? I didn't. 
And the coolest thing is Jack actually looks like he enjoys all the clothes I put on him...and he just has this charming personality that suits all the fun clothes he wears. 
We went to Zara today and I went crazy picking out the cutest kids clothing.  If you have little ones or are planning on shopping for little ones in the near future,  get thee to Zara. Pronto! 
They have such fun clothes...I even picked out fabulous spandex swim trunks with cute skulls for Jack's summer outings.  Seriously, when else in his life will he get to enjoy (and not be ridiculed!) for wearing spandex trunks?!?? 
I'll need to post a pic of that sometime soon!
In addition to Zara, I love shopping at Crewcuts (by J.Crew), H&M, and a few online sites that sell cool tees/bottoms that you don't find at your usual kiddy stores....I figure Jack has his whole life to dress like an adult, why dress a baby in adult clothing?  Yawn!
That's also why I don't bother letting him wear khakis or any real pants for that matter...Again, he'll have the rest of his life to wear boring, old pants!   That's why leggings are usually my go-to item for bottoms.....Again, this is not a look an adult can pull off, but a baby with chubby polkies can definitely get compliments with this look! :)
Anyway, I leave you with a cute new purchase from this afternoon's shopping extravaganza...baby Lolita sunglasses.  I know, they're pink..but why not?  I think Jack looks fabby in them!  He now has 3 pairs of sunnies.. again,  more than his mommy! 

Stay cool...and I'll talk to you soon!
I feel sleep deprived now.  :)

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  1. HI Jack!!! Looking good in your shades little guy :)

    And I LOVE your philosophy KJ...you guys should have all sorts of fun with clothes now!!