'Leave it in the octagon' (Hi Monday :)

Hi kids! Welcome back to the work week...did you have a lovely weekend? Mine was a massive mix...gym, lots of cleaning (with Chris away, it was my chance to get him organized without having to hear his two cents), not to mention some long-overdue Target therapy and well, it was really pretty darn enjoyable. Did you catch the 'I Love Lucy' marathon on the Hallmark channel? So awesome. Did you know that Lucille Ball and I share the exact same favorite episode of this classic sitcom...well, we do...of course, it's the episode where she visits the Brown Derby and Bill Holden ends up with a face full of pie. Ridiculously funny 60 years later :)
Saturday night we went to 'fight night' (sans Chris...I promised him I would go and text the results of UFC 129) and thanks to some pretty great friends, who refused to let me sit in Rookies all by myself, we had a great time! One of my personal faves, Ben "Smooth" Henderson won his bout. I love Smooth. Not only is he beautiful, with the best nickname ever, he is a self-proclaimed nerd, whose favorite thing to do when he isn't training or fighting, is reading in  Barnes & Noble, with a chai tea latte. Adorable. This practically makes him an LCM. Take a lesson, all you other hard living athletes.
The shoot continues in Death Valley. Check out this location. Desert with snow-capped mountain ... amazing!

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