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With the holidays behind us we can all begin to officially think about ... spring! Well, not really. I mean, even though it (thankfully) hasn't been very harsh, winter-wise, here in Upstate, it is 14 degrees and snowy today. And with at least 2-3 more months of this stuff to go...spring is a very very distant dream. Still, I love that JCrew is thinking ahead. And I'm loving the looks...like this oh so preppy style above...complete with Sperry Topsiders in a bunch of cool colors.
Ever since I wore those shaker knit sweaters to death  in the early 80's, I haven't been able to look at a style that even remotely resembles it. This sweater has me rethinking that attitude. Love it so much.
Beautiful ballet flats in so many wonderful colors can only mean one thing...spring...you can't be far off now :)

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  1. Cute flats, I love the color pink flats from their website.

    Christina @ Ralph Lauren Jackets