So, are you willing to give Target a second chance?

Images of the Jason Wu collection for Target are slowly but surely making their way out and about. Have you seen them? The collection seems very pretty...very Jason Wu...even though I have to admit...shorts skirts and bobby socks is not a look I'll be wearing anytime soon. I do love this scarf with Milu and there are certainly lots of stripey things to make me more than a little excited. So of course I'll be scouring the store in early February checking out the goods.

Now I ask you...after the Missoni debacle, are you willing to give Target a second chance managing a new collection. Granted, Jason Wu is no Missoni but who knows what can happen. I might be biased since I didn't go Missoni mad but I say, get in there an check it out. This is what shopping is all about!

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