Gemma, Caitlin and I love doodle

You know what irks me to no end...that I can't do what I love doodle, Gemma Correll, and Caitlin McGauley do. I don't really want to be a singer, or an actress, or a dancer (though a day as a ballerina might be pretty amazing) but I would love to be able to sketch...to draw...to paint. I am so very jealous of these talented entities. Each so different, but each with the ability to make me smile and make me sigh, every single day. Ooh La La readers are already so familiar with their work. It makes its way to this blog regularly. I ask you...with beautiful watercolors, adorable designs and humor to boot...how on earth can we resist.
...by Caitlin McGauley
As if doughnuts couldn't be any more wonderful...immortalized in watercolor.
Oh Gemma...how do you do it?
What I wore today...making me rethink the whole concept of an outfit and how it comes together. Brilliant.
Whimsical, hilarious...this one is titled, I Want to Travel Someday
 Not to mention this little fellow :) Love...absolute love.

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