Hellooooo 2012!!

Ready or not...here it is! 2012 is officially here and I hope you all had a great time seeing in the new year.  Chris was really under the weather so we stayed in and kept it low key. Of course our traditional sushi dinner was as delicious and fabulous as ever.
New Years Eve...Gemma Correll style. Looks pretty darn lovely to me :)
And just what do you think arrived in the mail on Dec.31...why my very own gold Starbucks card. It's now official...I am a Starbucks addict :)
Don't forget to have a heaping helping of any dish with black-eyed peas (which are said to bring good luck for the year). This recipe for Hoppin' John from Closet Cooking looks fantastic. And really, who can argue with good luck and a delicious stew. Happy New Year to all!

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