Those talented Greeks :)

It seems the whole world is on Greece these days. Well, how can you blame them, right? Government and politics aside, I have always felt that if you give Greeks the incentive, they will always come through. Case in point...Eleava. The Dieline has a fabulous post about the gorgeous packing this little Greek company designed for the running of the 29th Athens Classic Marathon (truthfully, the ancient roots of this marathon course go back 2500 years and is where we get the standard marathon distance athletes have been running since...but I digress). 

Updating the ubiquitous and beautiful classic runners we've all seen on those ancient urns and vases, this 'logo', according to the Dieline, was designed to highlight a 'pattern-like continuity' is nothing short of brilliant. Whether standing alone, or amongst other bottles, the design is completely fluid. A gorgeous and modern tribute to perhaps one of the most recognizable designs in history.

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