Ooh La La...look what holiday is around the corner!

I can't believe we are less than a month away from Valentine's Day and there has yet to be a post on Ohh La La about it! What?!?! We love Valentines Day! The pink, the red, the hearts, the sweets and of course, the all important sentiment...well, it might as well be the official holiday of this blog. Here are just a few of my favorite fare, so far. Above, the 'Frenchman Valentine' from R. Nichols. I ask you, who wouldn't love to be serenaded by a Frenchman whose cigarette smoke comes out heart-shaped?
From  Kate's Paperie...'Love birds' :)
...or from the Paper Source a kit to make perpetual daisies for your sweetie....
...not to mention, fabulous garland to add to the festivity.
Always remember, Valentines Day is a day to say 'I love you'. Romantic or not...make sure you say it to all who mean something to you :)

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