Victor Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuz

The 2011 football season has been kind of a gigantic disappointment...well, for me at least. The 'Skins were 5-11 (ugh), the Steelers were way better but got bounced from the very first wildcard game and now well, the Superbowl is around the corner and 2 of my least favorite teams are playing. Kind of a bummer...but you know, it's football and I will always find a reason to pick a team to root for...and this time...that reason is Giant's receiver Victor Cruz.  A couple years ago, Cruz was an undrafted, free agent...now he's one of the major reasons the Giants are even in the Superbowl. But spectacular clutch catches aren't the only reason to watch this delightful star...root for him to score 'cause his victory dance of choice? The salsa...and it's one of the most fun things to watch in the game today.

Check out this great article on Cruz teaching some Giants fans tricks of the trade :)

And you know I can't resist the temptation to post other awesome football dances...like Ickey Woods famous 'Ickey Shuffle' (pick it up at 55 seconds...so fantastic). And of course, the infamous Chicago Bears Superbowl Shuffle. Holy heck...I even knew all the words to this one. Only a dominant team that demolished opponents could get away with this ridiculousness...and they did...on both counts :)

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