Golden Globes et al

Hi kids! If you are working out there...and I  know you are...'cause I'm in there too, I hope your week is getting off to a smooth and wonderful start. I may have picked the perfect weekend to be battling a cold, because it was one of those occasions where everything I was interested in was going on in other places. Football and Golden Globes ruled the weekend and with frigid temps up here, I used the time to hibernate, try to kick this incredibly stubborn cold, work around the house and catch all that was going on in the NFL...not to mention Hollywood. 

So speaking of which....did you watch the spectacle? Honestly, it always amazes me how a roomful of some of the richest, most celebrated and allegedly talented people in their field, can sound like such complete and utter morons in the, more than ample time, they are give to say 'thank you'. Hmm...let's run them down, shall we? Meryl Streep...shut up...just shut up. Apparently you desperately need a script not to sound like an idiot. George Clooney...if you are the heir apparent to the role of leading man in Hollywood, then how about taking a cue from great leading men of the past. You know elegant men like Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, to name a few. Just a hint but they probably never gave a  thank-you speech that involved a reference to another actors private parts. Truly unbelievable. Thank goodness for the cast and crew of the The Artist, who gave one gracious and adorable speech after another. Proving that you can do no wrong with a French accent, even the little dog was more impressive and well-behaved than these other so-called stars.
Then, of course, there was the incredibly darling, absolutely lovely and beautifully humble Michelle Williams. She saved the night for me...from her gorgeous Jason Wu gown...to that fabulous hair...to the thank you speech to her daughter. She tugged at my heart strings in every way.

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