Fun-filled, football weekend

So close to the end of the first work week of 2012 and I have one thing on my mind...Wildcard weekend!!! My 'Skins are out (5-11...ugh...what a year) but the Steelers are still in and I'm looking forward to a couple days of some super battles. Last year, around this time, GQ magazine published a list of the '25 Coolest Athletes'. It would be hard to argue the cool factor for anyone of the men who made that list...though 'Broadway Joe' Namath certainly would have gotten my vote for No. 1 bad ass. Here's my top picks...
He might be controversial, but anyone who beats a stage-4 cancer and then wins the most grueling event in sports 7 times is a major bad ass. Period.
OK, Roger Federer may not be your classic bad ass...but he is pretty darn cool
Going with controversial again...for those of you who like to hate on 'Big Ben' Roethlisberger...well, you just aren't paying attention to the game. No one makes the game (or the off season) more exciting than the unstoppable quarterback. Bad ass? Without question.
And last but not least, in a sport (MMA) stacked with bad asses...no can top George St. Pierre. Coolness personified inside and out of the cage.
Have an awesome weekend, sports fans ;-)

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