NFL Playoffs, MMA, Gilbert & Sullivan ... and Friday the 13th

Well, this weekend is off to an auspicious beginning (after all, Friday really is pre-weekend., don't you think?) First of all, it is Friday the 13th, which I didn't notice until I pulled my phone out, while sitting in a massive, snow-related backup on my way to work. Hmmm...well, if you judged Friday the 13th by the weather, then every day in Rochester from November to April is the dreaded day. But I arrived safely at the library and I suppose that's all that matters :)

Such oddness on tap this weekend...including taking down my Christmas tree (which I told Chris, back in Novemberr that I would cry when I had to do...it's just too beautiful!), MMA pay per view event, 4 potentially AWESOME football games and a Gilbert and Sullivan play a friend from work is performing in :) Well, I don't get  the randomness, but bring it on!
Since we are talking weekend, you know I love a great article of blog post on what to wear. Refinery 29 has some fantastic ideas. I have been in such a rut of Old Navy yoga pants (which really are fabulous, by the way) and monkey fur jackets that these outfits have me rather inspired to be a little more Ooh La La!

Whatever you're up to on this wintery weekend, make sure you fit in a little relaxation!

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