Kissing off the worst decade EVER!

Ooh La La Du Jour is always and forever meant to be fun and while acknowledging that the '00s were just about the junkiest 10 years ever (ah, let's see...9/11, war, tsunami, Katrina, market meltdown...need I say more?) may not seem real positive...I do it only to highlight how much more awesome I think the next decade will be. I know (I can just feel it, I tell ya') that 2010 and beyond will be a whole hell of a lot better than what we just experienced. We survived and only the best is yet to come!

(Check out why Time agrees...goodbye and good riddance to a truly stupid decade)


  1. See ya 00's!! So incredibly psyched for this next awesome decade!!

  2. Day 5 and I already like the 10's better!