on the hunt.....

So for the last week I've been on the prowl for the coveted Starbucks ornaments--in red coffee cup & cold beverage cup. Seriously, I became a madwoman looking for this thing in every Starbucks I could get to... I think I must have tried at least 5 free standing stores and finally managed to get my hands on them at a Starbucks located inside a grocery store! Bingo! The absolute best moment in a shopper's tale is when you see your target in sight! The moral of the story should be: Always buy this stuff early....when there are plenty in stock! (of course i'm kicking myself because i didn't buy last year's version of the red cup!)...

One semi-related (shopping) story: There was a suede skirt that I wanted from Target years ago and my parents happened to be w/ me at a local Orlando Target.....When they realized how disappointed I was about not finding my size, they took me to EVERY SINGLE Target in the Orlando area....They even drove me to one that was a good 40 miles away from our home! I never got that skirt but we had a blast going all around Orlando looking for the elusive suede skirt!


  1. OK what is the deal with the ornaments this year at Starbucks?!?! I waited (stupidly) this year because I bought both ornaments last year and there were a million left over at the end of the season and they were half price. Laura and I noticed there were none to be found this year...so sad!

  2. By the way...love the skirt story! Of course, you must still remember the Hush Puppies story :)

  3. oh! i still love the hush puppies story!