who do i want to be today?

I'm having an identity crisis of sorts...Should I be Miss Dior's Cherie or YSL's Parisienne? This is the fundamental question. Now, I think I've said this before but I'm not a very perfume-y person. I have my one summer staple (Bobbi Brown's Beach), but even that is only worn when I actually remember to put it on.... But I feel I need that....signature scent. You know what I'm talking about....perhaps your mom has been wearing the same perfume since you were a kid or you have a friend who's always recognizable by that certain-special-smell.....The problem w/ perfumes are that they always sell you a storyline.... So the ultimate question becomes...who do I want to be? Sounds silly enough, but I'm one of those suckers who gets swept up by ad campaigns---if they're good. And Parisienne is ever so enticing! Who doesn't want to be a Kate Moss figure wandering around the Seventh Arrondisement in a tight black YSL (?) dress? Do I want to be the sophisticated Parisian? or the fun, young-at-heart Ms. Dior? I mainly go towards Ms. Dior because of the lovely commercial directed by Sofia Coppola....I really am a big sucker. Oh, I forgot: the actual smell of the perfumes. Both are nice enough, but again...it's more of the "feeling" I'm trying to capture. I'll be making my final decision tomorrow when I take a jaunt to Sephora. Will get back to you with my answer on who I want to be!

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  1. This is such a great post because it is so true. I have been searching my whole life for my signature scent. Every time I think I've found...well, I lose interest, or something better comes along...or I go through a scentless phase. You've certainly picked some fabulous muses...Sofia...Kate. Who wouldn't want to be them. Please keep me posted Ms. M...until them...'Grace' by Philosophy is the winner.