Sushi and New Year's Eve

Up until the last few years, I was not much of a fan of New Year's Eve. I mean really...who cares about a holiday which is essentially about turning a calendar page. That all changed the first time I celebrated the holiday with friends over a big tray of sushi. If you know me, then you know sushi is my 'desert island' food. I could eat it every day, for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. It's beautiful...it's yummy...it's perfect! The New Year's Eve/Sushi tradition started for me about 10 years ago and while the friends have changed, the menu remains the same.

I am also much more aware of the passing of the years these days and I see the start of the new year as a time to reflect and a time to be optimistic about the future. Things can only get better...right!?!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, healthy New Year and here's to more fun at Ooh La La Dujour in 2010!



  1. Yay! Happy New Year!! Go 2010!! 2010 is the BOMB!! Sushi= awesome new years eve!!

  2. The sushi was awesome. Such a festive food for a festive night. Even if you aren't doing a think...sushi just makes everything better!