Holiday Countdown & Happy Friday!

Happy Friday to everyone! I'm playing elf today & doing a little shopping around for those last minute xmas items....We're supposed to get a "moderate to heavy" amount of snow tonight/tomorrow so I'm trying to fit in as much hassle-free shopping as possible! I cannot wait for a little break from work & now I'm officially counting down the days til my last day!!! What's on your plate for the weekend?
{lovely card designs from Rifle Design}


  1. Well, I recognize the cards in this pic ;) I am writing this comment mid-weekend (Sunday morn. to be exact) last one before Xmas ... and I have so far to go. I hope Ms. M won't mind getting a "New Year's" present. And I don't even have a mega-storm to blame. It's cold but clear here in upstate.

  2. I had the best weekend ever!! Friday was my favorite day, the whole weekend was action packed, I wish I could rewind it and do it all over. :-)