Green Party (aka...the most fun ever!)

This past Friday, I went to a 'Green Party' hosted by the church of a good friend. No, this party had nothing to do with global warming or carbon footprints. At this party, we made Christmas wreaths and centerpieces. The church supplied all the beautiful greens (pine, spruce...you name it). For practically nothing we bought candles, pine cones, ribbons. I never imagined it would be so much fun...and so festive. We laughed and listened to Christmas tunes, sipped tea and honey and made our creations. In the end, I had a wonderful fresh centerpiece for my home. It smells sensational and reminds me of my new Christmas tradition.


  1. i love this idea! what a fun party!!!

  2. This sounds awesome!! I am coming with you next year, what a great and festive idea! I bet your centerpiece is wonderful. :)
    I reorganized the christmas lights last night and they look festive especially with the snow covering them, I love it!!

  3. You have to Laura!! You would love it. It was a very cold, sunny day and this church looked like it was straight out of a postcard. Nicest people ever. So much fun and I love my centerpiece!

    I am glad your Xmas lights are looking great! Maybe you can take a picture.

  4. This church sounds ideal, what fun!!
    I promise to take a picture of the lights, I really don't want the holidays to be over. The snow has just made things more fun, Regent Square is looking so pretty and everyone has beautiful lights, its awesome!