No better boot

Nothing pleases me more than the combination of style and function. I'm not real psyched on anything that is one or the other. I think pretty much everything in life should have a touch of both. That is probably why I am just tickled that duck boots are making such a comeback these days. I see them all over various blogs...JCrew has paired up with Sperry, and is now carrying their own version. For all the talk though, there is no better duck boot than LLBean's 10" shearling-lined boot. I've had mine many, many...many... years and besides being indestructible, they are insanely practical and comfortable. I've shoveled several feet of snow in below-freezing temps. literally for hours and my feet are the only part of me that stay totally warm and dry. After so many years, I can't even remember half the things I have done in them. I get such a charge out of wearing them...function, with a dash of style and in a word, amazing.


  1. OH these boots are fabulous, that warm lining is calling my name! These look like the type of boots that will be great forever.

  2. I can't say enough good things about these boots. They may be my favorite piece of clothing that I own.