Smashing bag for a smashing 2010

When my sister, Laura, was in town a few weeks ago for our (now) annual holiday shopping extravaganza, we were both searching for 'the perfect bag'. We looked and looked..Target...H&M...all over. Granted, neither of us wanted to break the bank on this new bag but to get exactly what we want, we might have to splurge. This bag from JCrew really fits the bill. Perfect for work...for everything really, I am really keeping my eye on this.

Let me know what you think Laura?!?!

1 comment:

  1. Yes!! This is what I'm talking about! This bag is gorgeous and its on sale. Somehow it just looks nicer than the versions of this bag we looked for at Target and H&M (my two favorite stores.) We will definitely have to splurge, gorgeous bag!!