Squirrel-y weekend....

Hi all! How is your Saturday looking? In the DC area, we're having quite a "nutty" weekend (I couldn't resist)!!! We're set to get around 20 inches of snow by tomorrow morning and the worst of it hasn't even started yet! For those who've lived here in the past, you know how we get about any amount of snow....it's mass hysteria....and we're just loving the 24/7 snow coverage on all the news channels! Check out Anthropologie if you're stuck indoors, like I am..... They have the cutest squirrel ever....I'm very tempted because I've always had a thing for these little creatures!


  1. Ugh...as a (very happily) former Washingtonian, I remember all too well the gigantic freak-out that would occur at the simple mention of snow. Two inches can shut the place down so if you are getting 20...well, we'll see you in a couple weeks. I think it's one of the many reasons I live in Upstate NY...I was so sick of the hysteria.

    Adorable squirrel!!!

  2. I really love this squirrel! I think Zeus would want to play with it.
    I remember how crazy the newscasters would get during the snow, it was funny!