The winter solstice....

And so it begins...winter. Of all people, places and things in the world, I think winter is the one I have the strongest love/hate relationship with. I look forward to it every year...I feel rejuvenated by the cold and the snow. I know I get toughened up by sub-zero temperatures and bone chilling wind. And there are very few things that I find more mesmerizing than snow...falling and endlessly falling...piling up everywhere. Of course I love the holiday season and in my opinion, celebrating in temperatures above 30 degrees is well, just lame.

But then, by the time March rolls around...and its still snowing...and snowing, frankly, I am pretty tired of it. I'm sick of bundling up to do the simplest things...I'm sick of shoveling and cleaning off the car. When March rolls around though...April is right behind...spring is around the corner and you know what...I'll kind of be missing winter already :)

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  1. I'm loving the idea of winter right now especially with the holiday season upon us. The snow this past weekend was the best, our neighborhood was filled with snow covered lights, it was like a winter village, so cozy!!!
    Now I really want to go roast some chestnuts!!

  2. Snow at Christmas time makes all the difference. After 14 years up here, I have to say that this year we are getting the absolute perfect holiday snow. Just enough to make everything white and pretty but not enough to make getting around a problem (for the most part). And its cooooold...brrrrr...so festive.

    I am glad you are so in the holiday spirit Laura! We've had a great time this year! I bet Pitt and Regents Square are adorable!

  3. This has been my best holiday season I think!! I had so much fun in Rochester! I keep telling Joe about how cold it was and how I reached a point where I don't think I could have gotten any colder, it broke me. Now I'm totally cool, I went for a bike ride in 20 degree weather, no problem!! Rochester made me tough!!

  4. Rochester separates the boys from the men!