At the risk of being redundant...Kate Spade con't

Do you know how annoying/wonderful it is to want every single thing from a site. Well, that's me and Kate Spade. They are just not playing fair over there. OK, they would be if I had an unlimited budget but since I don't see that happening any time soon...well, I'll just have to drool.There's just no denying it...this company is the king of accessories.  Here's a few (new) faves...oh my gosh...this chocolate stone. Delicious!
I've posted this style bag in other colors...love this signature look most of all.
Oh man...mega-love.
This might be absolute favorite new item on the site. Tell me these smashing gloves wouldn't dress up even the dreariest winter day!
Really...need I say more? Fabulous Spade earrings with crystals!

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