Too much fun at Forever 21

A good (and hilarious) friend once had one of the best fb status updates ever. She wrote, "Making bad decisions at Forever 21 (ahem...Forever 37)". You know, I don't even know how that is possible. No one...absolutely NO ONE does affordable kitsch the way they do (Kate Spade can be adorably kitschy, but it comes at an expense...well worth it, but you know what I'm saying). Take a look at just some of the treasures on their site these days. I could have picked a million more things but this post would have been endless :)
French Toast socks...ok, what's not to love about these.
English guard socks...fantastic!
Loving this cozy, knit winter scarf. Great with a jean jacket for the cool fall or my favorite winter coat.
A lovely snowflake scarf :)
I don't even normally care for stuff like this but aren't these just too cute! I want them for all my keys!

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