Lippy Love

Through the wonderful world of Etsy's amazing artists, Laura recently discovered Get Lippy, a shop after my own heart. You all know my love of lip balms. If I could only take one thing  (animal, vegetable or mineral) to a desert island, I am pretty sure my one thing would be a lip balm. And my one lip balm would probably be from the Get Lippy shop. Not only are the scents and flavors fabulous, the ever-important texture of the lip balm is, in a word, perfect. Smooth and light on your lips, they also really get the job done. Right now I am enjoying my pineapple/tangerine scented Lippy. Next on the list...these roll-on scents. Black Raspberry and creamy vanilla...how lovely does that sound?
Oh and you know what else doesn't hurt? That the Get Lippy shop owner just happens to be one of the loveliest people you will ever come to know :)


  1. Get Lippy is the best! I pretty much bathe in my eucalyptus spearmint body oil it smells so goooood!! The lip balm is the bomb!

    Karen is such an amazing lady:-)

  2. I am getting Get Lippy products for everyone this holiday season!

  3. Me too!! I think it might be an all get Lippy Christmas!!

  4. Yes. The owner, Karen is a friend of mine. A real gem of a person and very serious about her craft. She's the real deal. Lots of stocking stuffers from Lippy this year. =)