Farewell Steve Jobs

To a man who made everything seem possible. To a man who changed everyone of our lives. To a man whose genius, productivity and vision were unparalleled, even when he faced the most difficult personal burden. To a man whose invention and innovation from technology to design can be seen in every single facet of our lives. As someone who is proud just to own an iPhone, I cannot imagine what it must have been like, to be the man...who created it. It seemed fitting that I heard about the death of Steve Jobs, where else, but while using my iPhone. 

There is so much more I could say. And others...who know way more than I do most definitely will. And they should.  You should listen to everything that is said ... read everything that is written. In my lifetime, there has not been so great a loss. My generation, grew up with the vision of Steve Jobs. We knew a world without his invention and lived through all the potential and then realization of his ideas...ideas that seemed impossible but to the generation after ours, are routine and expected.

The loss of Steve Jobs is immeasurable. Like the passing of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, we can only wonder where this man would have taken us in the future...especially when we think about where we have been with him.

(Picture via the Cool Hunter)


  1. Well, that post gave me goosebumps. Katie, that was beautiful!

  2. Thank you JP. There is nothing I could possibly say that could express the magnitude of what we lost yesterday evening. But like the man, who believed first and foremost, in simplicity, I think tributes to him should be express that beautiful philosophy.