Shoot Me! Shoot Me!

Amy Odell, over at the Cut (NY Mag's fashion blog) wrote up these great tips for getting shot by the fashion street photographers that everyone here in ooh la la land is obsessed with. So if you want to be on the Sartorialist, this would be a great place to start. (Oh, and you also might want to buy yourself a plane ticket to one of the fabulous places these photogs like to shoot: Paris, Tokyo, NYC, etc. If you come to NYC, look me up!) Can I just mention that the first tip is to wear lots of accessories, like bracelets, which is a trend KatieP noticed before it was a trend. That's right, KatieP saw it first!!

~JP Pullos

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  1. Too many things to love about this post! First, love Amy Odell. She always has the best tips and writes hilarious posts on folks like Rachel Zoe et al. Love her! This whole concept of dressing to get shot by fashion bloggers is completely fascinating...proving once again that people just love being photographed (you will always have a job JP)! I would hate for the 'randomness' of those shots to be lost.

    And last but not least...those bracelets! Thanks so much for giving me the credit for spotting that trend but I don't know if I deserve it. It's just a look I have always worn and love and long after it's deemed out of fashion...I'll still be wearing them!