Quirky is a company that is redefining product development. Anyone can propose a new product which will then be open up to feedback and criticism from a community of users. Then, if the design is approved, pre-sales start. If enough get purchased, the product gets made. I learned about Quirky when I saw this amazingly wonderful power strip which was one of Quirky's first big products. I bought two immediately and they solve a problem that I'm always encountering in my apartment: not enough plugs! Plus, it's cute and so much more aesthetically appealing than a standard power strip. Design in action - love!

~JP Pullos

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  1. A perfect post for a rather sad and reflective day. Quirky sounds sensational. Apple was one of the first companies that made me stop and think to myself, why does something function and utilitarian have to LOOK that way too. Power strips have always been eyesores...until now. Fantastic!