And while we are on the subject...

Receiving KJ's Laduree gift last night has really gotten me thinking (again...when I am I not?) about packaging. Is it possible to love the packaging something comes in, more than the object itself? Sometimes I wonder. With things like Laduree macaroons, part of the love for the box comes from the fact that it is a fleeting item...and yet, even when the item itself will probably live well beyond the box it came in...well, we still love that perfect packaging. Many boxes are completely  iconic, like the famous blue Tiffany box...
...or the amazing orange Hermes box
Here is Laduree, in it's more original form.
And a personal favorite, La Maison Du Chocolat. I think I might just make my love official and start collection of this lovliness :)
The beloved Starbucks holiday red cups...perfect packaging and guess what...a little bird told me the 2011 version is due to arrive next week!


  1. well, you know i'm obsessed with good packaging! proof is in my house! i save ALL good boxes/bags....and i think sometimes the box is even better than the item that was inside! the hermes is a personal favorite... the tiffany box is nice too...LV makes some of the most beautiful boxes... i always save those. *now* can you picture my house???it's like a warehouse for boxes!

  2. oh side note: while i was waiting in line at Laduree, the woman in front of me was asked which box she wanted. She ended up picking the box of six (which is ours) and when the sales associate asked which color she wanted (there were two pinks, the pastel signature green, and the black) she just answered, "whichever one..and you can pick out the macaron flavors!).... YIKES! was all i could think! First off, the box color is SO important!!! it took me a good 10 minutes, if not more to figure out which box to buy you for your very first laduree package!! even for myself, since i didn't have this particular shape i wanted the perfect one. that was when I just stared at her in disbelief! This is the difference between people like you and me and OTHERS! :)

  3. Wow. What a story. I am speechless. I mean if you don't care about the package...and you don't care about the macarons...then why in the world are you there. You might as well be at Home Depot. Honestly, I don't get it. My hope is that this attitude is changing but it is why we are kind of far behind European and Asian countries when it comes to things like this. You know I like to pick on Greece but they always have great, aesthetic packaging. Obviously the French and Japanese are artists. I feel like I could go on all day. Is it really so difficult to see the beauty in the packaging?! Of course I have people I know who don't even notice when Starbucks goes to the red cups so why am I surprised by anything.

    Thank go we have each other and our love of packaging KJ!