It's Tyra's World; We Just Live In It

As if Tyra Banks wasn't already the most talented person on the planet - now she's a NY Times bestselling author too. According to NY Mag, this one might be going to the big screen. What can't this woman do? And she make it all look SO easy!!

~JP Pullos


  1. Have you read it yet JP? I've only heard this and that but I have to admit...it looks like a real guilty pleasure.

    Oh Tyra...

  2. I have not read it yet. I'm so bad with books lately and can't seem to get to them between the huge pile of magazines I can only barely get through each month. Hm... maybe I'll wait for the movie version? You should email her now and tell her the movie premier should happen at George Eastman House and she should attend!

  3. JP...that's the most awesome idea ever :) Funny thing...I have been terrible about books lately too. There was a time I was never without one...but now...I just don't seem to have the concentrations. Magazines on the other hand...totally different story. Just cannot get enough. I keep having to upgrade my Maghound subscriptions :)