In the midst of fall

Autumn...few words make me feel cozier. What do you have planned for this fabulous fall weekend? Nothing really super special for me...just the usual fall weekend-y things. The leaves are flying so the raking has got to begin before it gets out of control. Can you believe we are closing in on mid-football season already. Well, no problem... lots more to go :) In the special treats department, I spotted this recipe for chocolate chip cookies on Cup of Jo which I am going to try out tomorrow. I decided a few years back that I would not make a single batch of CCC (as they refer to them in the recipe :) until I found a real stand out. This one, with its insistence on fabulous chocolate and combo. of bread and pastry flour, has me swooning.

As always, much love and wishes for the most wonderful weekend to all you kids :)


*Pic of Laura and Zeus on a fall walk in the park. Love.

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