Loving Laduree...and KJ

My beautiful and delicious Laduree package arrived from KJ yesterday.This is one of many pictures I took to mark the happy occasion :) It also inspired me to clean my 'cupcake' shelf above the stove so that I will be able to prominently display this gorgeous box and the bag it came it. The flavors KJ sent are pure heaven...caramel, rose petal, orange blossom, chocolate, raspberry, and coffee. I had three with tea on a miserable, rainy chilly evening last night and it might have been the biggest treat I've had in...forever. The chocolate one just about knocked me over it was so incredible. They are just little bits of pastry perfection!

(By the way...isn't KJ the best. I guess that goes without saying. The fact that she treated me to these and then even sent them overnight mail so that I could get them when they were still fresh...well, I am really touched. And I could not be more thrilled :)

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  1. well, i think your enthusiasm for the macaron was proof positive that this little purchase was well worth it!!!! i love that you love Laduree! i should work for them.... good PR, don't you think?