Skeptical no more

Have you tried Sally Hansen's Nail Strips yet? As a product of the 80's I remember the early generation of this concept, so when I heard about this updated 2011 version, I admit, I was super skeptical. Anyone out there remember Lee Press-On Nails? Ugh. OK to be fair, that was slightly different. That product was designed to make your nails longer...but they certainly did the job at scaring me silly when it comes to all things nail related. 

This product however... awesome. If you like the whole nail art thing, these are about as close as you will ever get to doing it on your own. I tried the glittery version and even on my rather short, stubby nails they were smashing. Patterns, solids...they pretty much have it all and they are easy to put and remove. Only a couple drawbacks; they are kind of expensive, so they might be a special occasion thing and why are there only 16 in the box? I really don't get that number. Otherwise, very cool and fun product!

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