First weekend of my favorite season

I kind of love all the seasons for different reasons, but in my mind, nothing beats fall. I love a walk or better yet, a run, on a cool, crisp and clear day. Fall clothes are my absolute favorite...warm cozy sweaters, tailored jackets (not the bear-like parkas that will be necessary in a month or so), snazzy scarves worn to jazz up an outfit (all style...only a little function). Fall makes me think of Halloween...just around the corner...a holiday I could not wait for when I was a kid.

I hope everyone has gorgeous weather on this first weekend of fall...just like Laura and Zeus in this picture taken in their hometown of Pittsburgh.


  1. oh! this makes me want to warm up to a cup of hot cider! love this photo too....
    it's definitely fall here too... all the leaves are changing---there's always a hint of sadness with the beginning of fall, but in general i love this season....

  2. This picture is another one of my favorites by Joe, perfect fall colors here in Pitt. I agree with Ms. M there is always a touch of sadness at the beginning of fall but by the time we get to halloween I am really in the spirit! One of my favorite holidays is Halloween so I can't wait!!!
    As far as running goes there is nothing better than swooshing through the leaves, I love it!!!

  3. Joe has a perfect photograph for every occasion and every mood I am in. You guys are both right...the end of summer is always tough. But I adore Fall SOOO much that I am one of those folks that is usually waiting for it.

  4. I know Kate you are like my Zeus and long for the cooler temps, Zeusy boy has already become less dramatic on his walks now that it has cooled down a bit.

  5. Yes! My nephew and I are a couple of drama queens in the summer :)