Loving my Madewell tote

Sometimes a little retail therapy goes a long way! I went shopping yesterday & had the absolute best time. I even snagged a few good items... I'll post more later....but I wanted to start with my Madewell rope tote. At $6 you can't really beat the price and who couldn't find some use out of an adorable tote bag? I've decided I totally love this store...It's not even for all the clothing really....It's the whole brand image. The store I go to isn't even that big...It's basically a railroad car type layout, but jammed packed with cute displays and shots of great items here & there. I did find two coats that I basically gasped over. It's one of those collaborations that J.Crew does with various companies....I can't even recall the name but I loved the two coats. One of them was a navy car coat (which made me think of our lovely camel colored J.Crew car coat..you know the one, Katie!)....The cut, fabric....it was all done right! I didn't even check out the price, but that just means I'll have to go back later to check it out again---that's how much I liked looking at it.
I even snagged a great saffron colored fringed scarf.....What I loved most (besides my tote!) were the cute Sept. newsletter (in great graphics) giveaway and the Madewell shopping bag! You know you're hooked when you even love the shopping bag they give you!
PS: I picked up a newsletter for you too, Katie...just cause it was so darn cute... I'll need to pick one up for Oct.

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  1. What a completely amazing shopping experience. I am a firm believer in retail therapy (if you don't believe me, just ask my wallet) and this one sounds first rate. Just thinking of our old JCrew car coat gave me thrill. And the newsletter you linked to is adorable...an that tote!! Fabulous!