One of the happiest sights in the world

This post is for you Ms. M! If you were to ask me one of my favorite moments in life, I would have to include driving down to Florida and passing this sign. When we were kids, making our annual pilgrimage to Miami, for our 3 week vacations in August, my father would salute this sign as we crossed the border into our favorite state. It was pure joy...the sky was a little brighter...the air a little warmer...and the fun about to begin.

Just remember Ms. M...Key Largo is always there when you want to take a trip down to the loveliest state of all.


  1. This post made me smile, I love it!! I can just remember dad saluting the sign. I now like to drive down to Key Largo with Zeus and of course have to stop for some orange juice. It is true the sky is brighter, air is so warm and you just forget all you problems when you see that sign. Such a gorgeous state! Perfect timing for this post, mom is making the trip back home from key largo today. :)

  2. I just talked to mom! It made makes me happy just to know one of us in Florida. She sounded so happy!

    And there is no better glass of OJ than the one you get at the welcome station.

  3. oh! this couldn't have come at a better moment... i was just feeling peeved about something at work and of course this puts everything in perspective!

    many thanks...i feel sad & happy at the same time...but that's a good thing.